Factsheet - The 4th Joint Commission on Bilateral Cooperation between Thailand and Viet Nam

Factsheet - The 4th Joint Commission on Bilateral Cooperation between Thailand and Viet Nam

23 Nov 2021

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 - Factsheet -

The 4th Joint Commission on Bilateral Cooperation
       between Thailand and Viet Nam


Advancing Strengthened Strategic Partnership
for Sustainable and Resilient Recovery and Growth”


          The 4th Meeting of the Joint Commission on Bilateral Cooperation between Thailand and Viet Nam, co-chaired by H.E. Mr. Don Pramudwinai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, and H.E. Mr. Bui Thanh Son, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, was held on 19 November 2021 via videoconference under the theme “Advancing Strengthened Strategic Partnership for Sustainable and Resilient Recovery and Growth”. Summary of key outcomes is as follows:


  1. Partnership for Sustainable Growth
  • Resumption of Travels :
  • To further facilitate cross-border travels between the two countries, including through recognition of each other’s COVID-19 vaccine documentations.
  • The Vietnamese side appreciated Thailand for permitting fully vaccinated travelers from Viet Nam to enter Thailand by air under the Test and Go scheme.
  • The Thai side appreciated Viet Nam’s commitment to further facilitate entry of fully vaccinated travelers from Thailand, especially for official and business purposes.
  • Public Health Cooperation :
  • To enhance public health cooperation in mutually beneficial areas,
    such as COVID-19 vaccine research and development, and information sharing.
  • Economic, Trade and Investment Cooperation :
  • To strive for the bilateral trade target of 25 billion USD by 2025 as agreed by the two countries’ leaders.
  • To convene the 3rd Thailand - Viet Nam Joint Trade Committee (JTC)
    at the earliest opportunity to discuss ways to further facilitate trade and reduce trade obstacles between the two countries.
  • To promote greater supply chain linkages between the two countries, especially in mutually complementary industries.
  • To further facilitate trade, transportation and transit of goods between the two countries and to third countries.
  • To promote and protect Thai investments in Viet Nam, and welcome more Vietnamese investments in Thailand.
  • To establish the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ThaiCham) and an informal consultation mechanism to promote and protect Thai investments in Viet Nam.
  • To explore potential collaboration and complementarities between Thailand’s Bio- Circular-Green (BCG) Economy Model and Viet Nam’s National Green Growth Strategy (2021 – 2030) in potential areas, such as renewable energy, sustainable resources management, eco-tourism, food and agricultural products.
  • To advance digital economy cooperation to boost trade and investment, tourism and financial linkages.
  • To promote the use of local currencies between the two countries.


  1. Partnership for Sustainable Peace
  • Political and security cooperation :
  • To promote regular high-level dialogues and exchanges, and strengthen bilateral cooperation between security and defence agencies to safeguard regional peace and stability, and maintain conducive environment for economic recovery.
  • To promote closer cooperation between Ministries of Defence and Armed Forces, including in new areas of cooperation, such as defence industry, logistics, military medicine, search and rescue, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, and anti-human trafficking.


  • Maritime security :
  • To strengthen cooperation between Viet Nam’s Coast Guard and the Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Center, and between the Viet Nam’s People’s Navy and the Royal Thai Navy to effectively handle matters arising at sea to ensure maritime safety for both countries’ fishermen and combatting IUU fishing.


  • Crime prevention and suppression :
  • To convene the 2nd High-level Dialogue on Crime Prevention, Suppression and Security
  • To expedite the 2nd round of negotiation of the Agreement on Judicial Assistance in Civil and Commercial Matters.
  • To work towards the amendment of the Agreement on Bilateral Cooperation for Eliminating Trafficking in


  • Cooperation on Strategic Issues :
  • To enhance collaboration and mutual support in sub-regional, regional and multilateral levels;
  • To cooperate to promote ASEAN’s unity and centrality, and support ASEAN’s ability to address challenges within the region, such as the situation
    in Myanmar and the issue of South China Sea.
  • To promote cooperation with external partners in support of regional development, particularly in areas of cooperation identified under the ASEAN Outlook on Indo-Pacific (AOIP);
  • To promote effective implementation the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement.


  1. Partnership for Sustainable Future
  • Activities to commemorate the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Viet Nam :
  • Welcomed cultural, academic and other related activities that were organised and to be organised on this occasion, which help deepen mutual understanding and friendship between people of the two countries.


  • Cooperation on science, technology and innovation :
  • To promote experience and knowledge sharing in policies, development and management of strategies in areas, such as digital government, cyber security and smart cities.


  • Education :
  • To advance cooperation in education and training, exchanges of two countries’ schools and universities and promoting Thai and Vietnamese languages study in both countries.


  • People-to-people cooperation :
  • To foster closer cooperation at the people-to-people level, especially in the field of cultural exchanges, tourism and local-to-local cooperation.
  • To support active roles of the Viet Nam – Thailand Friendship Association, Thailand – Viet Nam Friendship Association, Thailand – Viet Nam and Viet Nam – Thailand Parliamentarians Friendship Groups and Vietnamese – Thai Association in promoting bilateral cooperation and people-to-people relation.


  • Technical and development cooperation
  • To enhance bilateral development cooperation towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • To explore possible trilateral cooperation to support other neighbouring countries in the Mekong sub-region.
  • Welcomed successes of Thailand's development cooperation projects in Viet Nam namely, the Artificial Reef Installation Project, the Sustainable Community Development Projects based on the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) and the dispatch of Thai Volunteers to teach Thai language in Viet Nam.
  • Welcomed more Vietnamese nominations for Thailand’s annual fellowship programmes.


   At the end of the meeting, 3 Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) were signed, namely:

    (1) MOU on Cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam for 2021 – 2026;

    (2) MOU on Cultural Exchange between the Ministry of Culture of Thailand and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Viet Nam for 2021 – 2026; and

    (3) MOU on the Establishment of Sister City Relationship between the Province of Ubon Ratchathani and the Province of Thua Thien Hue.


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